Our alumni hold positions in academia (e.g., Southern New Hampshire University, Sacred Heart University), Fortune 500 organizations (e.g., Pepsi, J P Morgan Chase, Merck, Goldman Sachs, Chevron, Morgan Stanley, Amazon), government (e.g., Office of Personnel Management; Federal Bank of New York), and consulting firms (e.g., Korn Ferry, BTS, Mercer-Sirota, Aon). Below is a list of recent graduates and their current employers.

Name Employer Ph.D. Dissertation advisor
Tiwi Marira Amazon 2018 Sommer
Christine Smith Guardian Life 2018 Goldstein
Eric Knudsen Namely 2018 Eatough
Michelle Corman Mercer-Sirota 2018 Lefkowitz
Paul Agnello Research Foundation of CUNY 2018 Scherbaum
Ayanna Cummings Moore Law 2018 Goldstein
Jane Lim RHR International 2018 Goldstein
Hilal Erkovan Korn Ferry 2018 Lyness
Jolie Terrazas Manhattan College 2018 Lyness
Brittany Boyd Independent Consultant 2017 Scherbaum
Rafi Prager Pepsi 2017 Naidoo
Chad Parson Aon 2017 Sommer
John Capman Amazon 2017 Sommer
Martine Maculaitis Kantar Health 2017 Lyness