Workplace Mistreatment and Employee Well-Being

Principal Investigator: Albert Zhou

Research Interests

  • Workplace mistreatment:how various types of workplace mistreatment (e.g., workplace aggression, workplace incivility, abusive supervision, and CWB) occur in the workplace and affect employee and employer outcomes, and how organizations and employees can effectively prevent and cope with workplace mistreatment;

  • Employee health and well-being: how various individual, organizational, and interpersonal factors affect employee health, safety, and well-being, and how employees can effectively cope with and recover from these effects;

  • Work-nonwork interface: how work-related experiences and behaviors spill over to employees’ nonwork (e.g., family, social life, community life) domains, and vice versa;

  • Illegitimate tasks: how various leadership and situational factors lead to the occurrenceof illegitimate tasks,and how illegitimate tasks might affect employee and employer outcomes.

Current Research Projects

  • Spiral effects of workplace incivility

  • Abusive supervision and team dynamics

  • Work-family interaction/preference profiles

  • Recovery activities and mindfulness training and employee health and well-being

  • Cross-cultural differences in perceptions and reactions of illegitimate task

Student Lab Members