Computational Psychology

Principal Investigator: Wei Wang

Embracing cutting-edge quantitative methods and computational models, the Computational Psychology Lab strives to advance our understanding of questions in psychological, managerial, and educational areas. The Lab is currently conducting research around the following three themes: 1) social networks, 2) applied psychometrics, and 3) big data analytics and technology. Although these themes are seemingly independent, various situations can tap on two or even three themes simultaneously. For example, we combine psychometrics and big data to measure job stress and work emotions on Twitter, combine social networks and psychometrics to understand network properties with respect to individual differences, and social networks and big data are combined to understand online networks and their implications on behaviors. Below are some projects that are currently being studied in the Lab. 

1) Social Networks: 

  • The effects of network contagion on behaviors and attitudes. For example, are turnover and unethical behaviors contagious via networks? What are the possible mechanisms underlying the network contagion?

  •  Social networks and narcissism. How do narcissists perceive and possess networks differently than other individuals? 

2) Applied Psychometrics, 

  • To develop assessments for personality, emotional intelligence, leadership potential by using computerized adaptive testing and computer simulation techniques. Novel algorithms are utilized for to maximize validity. 

  • To revise and improve measures of work engagement. 

  • To assess differential item functioning for various group settings

3) Big Data Analytics and Technology

  • To study job stress and work emotions nationwide with social media data

  • To understand students' teaching evaluations through millions of ratings and comments from

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