Personnel Selection and Employee Assessment

Principal Investigators: Charles Scherbaum and Harold Goldstein

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The Personnel Selection and Employee Assessment lab focuses on issues of diversity in the context of employee selection, measuring individual differences, and assessing employee attitudes. We study sources of bias on cognitive tests, non-cognitive predictors of job performance, attitudes toward stigmatized employees, performance assessment, neuroscience, and employee selection. The research conducted in this lab draws heavily on recent advances in analytical and methodological techniques (e.g., eye tracking), and computer technology.

One of the main areas of research conducted in the lab examines possible explanations for racial differences on intelligence and cognitive ability tests. This research involves developing theoretically-based, modern cognitive ability tests as well as exploring the role of specific abilities in predicting job performance. It also involves applying neuroscience techniques, such as eye tracking, to understand the cognitive processes involved in completing cognitive ability tests.

Other current projects include: (1) detecting and deterring response distortion (i.e., faking) on measures of personality and biodata in employment contexts using statistical and behavioral methods (e.g., mouse tracking); (2) modeling intra-individual performance variability; (3) factors impacting the reliability of interview ratings; (4) examining rater source effects in job analysis ratings; (5) job components validation; (6) ability tilt in cognitive and non-cognitive individual differences; (7) impact of survey identification on employee response behavior; and (8) modeling inter-individual performance distributions as a team compositional factor.

The Personnel Selection and Employee Assessment Lab is part of Baruch College’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Interested undergraduates can find more information at the Baruch College NSF REU site.


Lab Alumni

  • Elliott Larson — Siena Consulting

  • Jennifer Sabet – Golden Lion Consulting

  • Rachel Pascall-Gonzalez – Federal Bank of New York

  • Ayanna Cummings – Moore Law, LLC

  • Orly Dotan-Eliaz – Independent Consultant

  • Justina Oliveira – Southern New Hampshire University

  • Mary Ignagni – Sacred Heart University

  • Joe Kovatch – KPMG

  • Kiki Nicolopoulos – Executive Coach and Independent Consultant

  • Rachel Ryan – American Express

  • Lilia Hayrapetyan – Citi Bank

  • Victoria Blanshteyn – Chevron

  • Kevin Ruminson – University of California - Irvine

  • Brittany Boyd – Independent consultant

  • Michael Kern – Northwell Health

  • Paul Agnello – Research Foundation, City University of New York