Interpersonal Processes

Principal Investigator: Kristin Sommer

Members of the Interpersonal Processes Lab are involved in several streams of research. Several studies examine antecedents and downstream consequences of social exclusion. For example, we are currently investigating how social rejection impacts ethical decision-making and interpersonal behaviors toward innocent third parties, as well as attributional responses to linguistic ostracism (exclusion based on language use). Other projects are geared toward understanding the factors that predict when and for whom ostracism is likely to occur. Across investigations, special attention is given to how these exclusion-related processes are likely to unfold in a workplace setting. Additional research spearheaded by student members of the lab include work on social dominance orientation and discrimination; employee-supervisor disagreements and conflict perception; imposter phenomenon; need fulfillment and job crafting; and other phenomena whose foundations draw heavily from social psychological theory and research. 

Former Dissertation Advisees

  • Dan Benkendorf, Fashion Institute of Technology

  • Stefanie Bruno-Forker, Northwell Health

  • John Capman, Amazon

  • Orly Dotan, Independent Consultant

  • John Fernandez, Johnson and Johnson

  • Tiwi Marira, Amazon

  • Lauren (Mondo) Kane, Glint

  • Chad Parson, Aon Hewitt

  • Juran Yoon, Merck