Professor of Psychology  University of Toledo

Professor of Psychology
University of Toledo

Kristin Sommer

Contact information:

Office: VC 8-273
Phone: 646 312-3812


Lab: Interpersonal Processes

Kristin Sommer is a Professor of Psychology at Baruch College, City University of New York. She holds appointments on the doctoral faculties in Basic and Applied Social Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the Graduate Center. Dr. Sommer's primary research interests lie in the area of social exclusion (broadly defined). Dr. Sommer teaches undergraduate and doctoral courses in research methods, social psychology, and interpersonal processes. Her research has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Science Foundation. She is a former associate editor of the journal Basic and Applied Social Psychology and currently on the editorial boards of Social Influence and Basic and Applied Social Psychology.

Representative Publications and Presentations:

Sommer, K.L., Williams, K.D., & Leone, J., (forthcoming). Ostracism and motivation in groups. To appear in S. J. Karau (Ed), Social Loafing and Group Motivation. Cambridge, MA: Elsevier/Academic Press

Kulkarni, M., & Sommer, K. (2015). Language-based exclusion and prosocial behavior in organizations. Human Resource Management, 54(4), 637-652.

Sommer, K., & Bernieri, F (2014). Minimizing the pain and probability of rejection: Evidence for relational distancing and proximity seeking within face-to-face interactions. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 6(2), 131-139.

Sommer, K., & Yoon, J.(2013). When silence is golden: Ego depletion following aversive social interactions. Journal of Personal and Social Relationships, 30(7), 901-919.

Dotan-Eliaz, O., Sommer, K.L., & Rubin, Y. (2009). Working in a multilingual context: Effects of linguistic ostracism on coworker attraction, team potency, performance, and aggressive thought.Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 31, 363 - 375.