Professor of Psychology, Doctoral Faculty  Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Professor of Psychology, Doctoral Faculty
Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Rob Silzer

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Dr. Rob Silzer is Doctoral Faculty in Industrial-Organizational Psychology Doctoral Program at Baruch, Graduate Center, CUNY and Managing Director of HR Assessment and Development, Inc. He has consulted with business leaders in over 150 organizations on a wide range of issues such as executive / leadership assessment, identification, selection, coaching and development; high potential talent; and strategic talent management.  

Rob was awarded the 2015 Distinguished Professional Contributions Award by SIOP and the 2016 International Award for Excellence in Consultation by the Society of Consulting Psychology (APA Div. 13).  He has been elected a Fellow of SIOP, APA, APS, and SCP (Div. 13) and has been very active professionally, holding significant leadership positions in SIOP and Metro New York.  He has served on the editorial boards of Personnel Psychology, I-O Psychology Journal, Organizational Dynamics and TIP, and has delivered 20 professional workshops and 88 professional presentations at SIOP, APA, and Metro-New York.  He is widely published and has four books in the SIOP Professional Practice Book Series, including Strategy-Driven Talent Management, The 21st Century Executive, Individual Psychological Assessment and Practice of Organizational Psychology (in development).    

Dr. Silzer teaches doctoral courses and publishes on leadership development, executive coaching, psychological assessment, talent management, high potential talent and IO Psychology Practice skills and knowledge. He also serves as Director of the Baruch Coaching Program and the Baruch Assessment Program

He is an active adventure traveler around the world including high altitude mountain trekking (Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, etc.) and over 80 foreign cultures (Iran, North Korea, Yemen, Laos, etc.).He lives in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City.

Representative Publications:

Silzer, R. F., & Borman, W. C. (2017). The potential for leadership (Chapter 5).   In D. G. Collings, K. Mellahi, & W. F. Cascio (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Talent Management.Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. Pp 87-114.

Silzer, R.F.  (2016). Leadership – New Directions / Paradigms for Identifying & Developing Leaders. Distinguished Professional Contributions Award talk at the Annual Conference of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Anaheim, Ca.

Church, A.H. & Silzer, R.F. (2014). Going Behind the Corporate Curtain with a Blue Print for Leadership Potential: An Integrated Framework for Identifying High-Potential Talent.  People and Strategy Journal, December, 2014, 36(4),(pp 51-58).

Silzer, R. F. & Dowell, B. E. (Eds.).  (2010).  Strategy – Driven Talent Management: A Leadership Imperative.  Jossey Bass: San Francisco, California.

Silzer, R., & Church, A. H. (2009). The pearls and perils of identifying potential.Industrial and Organizational Psychology Journal: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 2(4),377-412.