Contact information :  Office location: Vertical Campus 8-270A email:   Lab affiliation:  Emotions in Organizations

Contact information:

Office location: Vertical Campus 8-270A

Lab affiliation: Emotions in Organizations

Manuel (Manny) Gonzalez

Undergraduate institution: Rutgers University

I believe that emotions are powerful motivators of work behavior, and that any emotion can have adaptive or maladaptive consequences, depending on the situation, the individual, and the perspective one is considering (e.g., the employee, the organization). Much of my research to date has focused on the relationship between envy and various types of organizational justice, though I have also studied emotions such as resentment and anger. I am currently working on research to illustrate the adaptive and maladaptive consequences of boredom in the workplace, and the contextual factors that drive these different consequences. I have also conducted research in the areas of personality, workplace distractions, stress, burnout, and work engagement.

Representative publications and presentations:

  • Crusius, J.,Gonzalez, M. F., Lange, J., & Cohen-Charash, Y. (under review). Envy: An adversarial review and comparison of two competing views.

  • Gonzalez, M. F. (2017, August). “I resent that!” Using resentment to explain how organizational practices affect employee commitment. In M. F. Gonzalez, E. Larson, & Y. Cohen-Charash (Chairs), Emotions at the social interface: How emotions link people and their social environments. Paper presented at the 77th annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA.

  • Gonzalez, M. F., & Aiello, J. R. (under review). More than meets the ear: Investigating how music affects cognitive task performance.

  • Gonzalez, M. F., Lee, S., Larson, E. C., & Cohen-Charash, Y. (2018, August). Overcoming value judgments of affect: Adverse effects offeeling good and benefits of feeling bad. Session chairs. Symposium to be presented at the 78th annual conference of the Academy of Management, Chicago, IL.

  • Gonzalez, M. F., & Yu, P. P. (2018, April). Supported but unsatisfied: Cynical hostility, social support, and job satisfaction. Poster to be presented at the 33rd annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Chicago, IL.