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Rachel Omansky

Undergraduate Institution: Rutgers University

My research interests have always been practically derived from timely issues I have witnessed or experienced in today’s work environment, though, they have evolved since the start of my graduate career. In the beginning of graduate school, I was interested in organizational stressors, including work-family conflict and illegitimate tasks. I then expanded my interests to technology and organizational boundary crossing, and later to selection and termination. For example, my thesis and dissertation focus on issues organizations frequently struggle with today, regarding the integration of technology into the work environment and associated boundary management problems. Specifically, my thesis examined how perceived pressure to be “always available” manifested in objective, observable work-related use of communication mediums (e.g., email, instant message, and video-conferencing), and how this related to psychological detachment from work. My dissertation focuses on helping organizations manage instances in which they are faced with disciplining employees for social media use in order to mitigate backlash.

Representative publications and presentations:

  • Grotto, A.R., Mills, M. J., Eatough, E.M., & Omansky, R. (April, 2018) Good for Work, Bad for Life: Individual Characteristics with Divergent Effects. Symposium presented at the 33rd annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Chicago, IL.

  • Omansky, R., Eatough, E.M., & Fila, M.J. (2016). Illegitimate Tasks as an Impediment to Job Satisfaction andIntrinsic Motivation: Moderated Mediation Effects of Gender and Effort-Reward Imbalance. Frontiers in Psychology7.

  • Omansky, R., & Eatough, E.M. (May, 2016). High Techspectations: Availability Pressure as a Contemporary Stressor. Poster presented at The Graduate Center Research Day, New York, NY.

  • Tumminia, A.M., & Omansky, R. (2018). A Review of Work Family Research in Western and SouthernEurope. In K.M. Shockley, W. Shen, & R.C. Johnson (Eds.), The Cambridge handbook of the global work-family interface. Cambridge Industrial and Organizational Psychology Series.